I have been dreaming to travel the world since I was a kid. I didn’t have a friend in common to share my dreams, that’s why I want to share with all of you guys. I was always wondering to travel to other countries, I envied to some friends who have been abroad, I didn’t have any experience of that before, I could only be silent and imagine how. I jotted down my note to wherever I wanted to go, I started my international flight in 2010 and the story kept going on since then.

I was perceived that I will never be able to go abroad. Everybody said that I was crazy and too ambitious, I was indeed. But, what is wrong with achieving a dream, right?

I keep my dreams alive and here I am now, I can tell you a story of a dream achiever. I have traveled to 23 countries, mostly in Europe and North America because yes as an Asian, that was my dream visiting those countries.

If anyone ever says that you will never achieve your dream, you just have to prove that they are wrong.

Keep envy, keep achieving your dreams!


Icha Bilal